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   Welcome to my website!  The original Hornworld.com was established in 1998.  Updates are ongoing as time allows..

quillani.gif (1542 bytes)Glen1812@aol.com

This space is available to individuals looking for or selling a french horn.  Please send specific information to the address above.  musicbar.gif (1211 bytes)

Posted 12/11/98   Horn Wanted:   I am looking for either a Wiener (Vienna) single F horn, or any horn with ascending 3rd valve.     Currently I divide my time between the UK and Germany so those are thecountries where it would be easiest for me to buy.   But I would consider other European locations.

Tom Brett  tom_brett@yahoo.com

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Posted 12/20/98   Horn Wanted:   A friend of mine is looking for a Wagner Tuba for her orchestra. It seems they are one short of a set. If you know of one for sale would you please e-mail me. Thanks. 

Kurt Chandler     kurt_chandler@ibm.net

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Posted 12/20/98   Horn For Sale: Lawson Fourier, nickle-bronze. Excellent condition. Contact Frank Portone 704-364-2735 or e-mail

Frank Portone  cornoI@aol.com

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Posted 12/23/98   Horn For Sale: I have for sale a Yamaha top of the line Custom Double Horn model YHR-668VS, in unlacquered brass with detachable bell. It is in beautiful condition and comes in a Giardinelli gig bag with matching mute bag. The valves are smooth and quiet. This is a serious professional horn. I have reduced the price to $2300 for a quick sale. I guarantee satisfaction with the horn or money back All you will be out for trying it is the cost of shipping. Please reply by email or call Alan at 573 442-2826 evenings up to 9:00 PM central time. To see the specs for this model horn click on:

Alan    aluger@trib.net (Tribnet)

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Posted 12/28/98   Horn Wanted: I am interested in purchasing a Schmid or a Conn 8D horn. Please contact me with details if you have one for sale.

Pete  Flutist321@aol.com

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Posted 12/28/98   Horn Wanted: I am a high school senior and I am planning on continuing playing during college. I am looking for a horn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. BrezoA6@aol.com


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Posted 12/28/98   Horn for Sale or Trade:    My name is Fernando Morais and I'm selling my natural horn with crooks in G,F,E.Eb,D,Db and C. It is in a Marcus Bonna's case. This instrument was made in 1997, for a brasilian maker, yellow brass, no lacquered. price $ 3.000,00 or trade for a modern horn. If you are interested please contact me.

Fernando Morais  rtmenmo@nutecnet.com.br

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Posted 01/08/99   Horn for Sale:  French Horn for Sale: Karl Hill Schmidt model. Perfect condition. Cut Bell. Yellow Brass. Detachable Leadpipe. 2 leadpipes included (the original Hill pipe and a McCracken pipe). This horn has had several improvements made to it. I didn't like the original bracing. So I had George McCracken put new braces on the valve section that are much more sturdy. The original change valve piston was quite leaky. George McCracken also machined a new piston for me that eliminated the leaks. $4400. Call 901 766-0874.   Samuel Compton, 5289 Welchshire Ave.Memphis, TN 38117.

Samuel Compton  samcompton@earthlink.net

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Posted 1/23/99   Horn For Sale:   I am looking to sell my horn. It's a Paxman 25L gold brass, with detachable bell. The bell has been silver plated, and looks pretty gosh darn cool. It's barely 2 years old and has a few dents in it. I've
taken out of my asking price due to those dents. I'm asking $4500 for it,
but I'm willing to negotiate. I've got a Marcus Bona case, which I'll throw
in for that price, as well.

Matthew B. Smith    hisclay@earthlink.net (Matthew B. Smith)

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Posted 1/23/99 Horn for Sale:  McCracken - built in 1991. With Marcus Bonna cut bell bag (black).Price: $6200  Also for sale: Lawson mouthpiece: S660 cup- $60, P10-G 690 rim (silver-plate) $40. Anyone interested, please inquire directly. Thank You, Eric Overholt   (212)721-2736.

Eric Overholt  OverholtE@aol.com

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Posted 1/23/99  Horn Wanted:   The first horn in my orchestra is very interested in buying a C.F. Schmidt style horn (piston thumb valve) made by Carl Geyer. If anyone knows of any in good condition that are for sale, please contact me. Thanks.  Keith Eitzen   Orquesta Sinfonica de Xalapa.

Keith Eitzen  keith@dino.coacade.uv.mx (Keith Eitzen)

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Posted 1/23/99  Horns Wanted:   I am interested in finding some used holton horns for some students of mine. i am particularly interested in h179 and h180 models. please respond if you have a horn for sale! tekhorn@aol.com


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Posted 1/23/99  Horns Wanted:   Looking for a Schenkelaars French Horn in good to excellent condition. These were manufactured in The Netherlands. If you have such a horn or know someone who does please contact me at.


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Posted 1/23/99  Horns Wanted:   My name is Hayden Muhl. I am a senior at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, oregon and am looking for a professional horn in good condition. Price is not that much of an issue so pleas contact me if you are selling your horn.


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Posted 2/16/99 Horn for Sale:  Kruspe double horn, circa 1970. Brass with little lacquer. Horn is in good condition. $3000.00 obo. Hard case in fair condition. Also available various horn literature collected over the years. Please contact David Bartholomew at 801-272-1739 after 6:00PM MST or by email.

David Bartholomew dave@naylorwentworth.com

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Posted 2/19/99 Horn for Sale:  I am selling my Paxman 25L. It is about 3 years old, gold brass, unlaquered, screwbell, dual bore, and in excellent condition no dents, or dings. The horn was chem-cleaned by Chuck Ward in Cleveland about 8 months ago. It also has a flat, Paxman-Cheney (flat) Case (made in England).  It was "de-burred" by the Brasswind shop in Pittsburgh. (They smooth the ends of the slides, to cut down on resistance.....) It is a great horn!  I'm asking $5000 USD. (They are going for $5700-$6000 new) It slots very well, has a nice high range, great low range, and is even throughout the registers. THe sound is warm.... but dark. It does get more brassy with extreme loud dynamics. Great orchestral horn. If interested, please email me at chj@uakron.edu.

Christian Johanson          chj@uakron.edu

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Posted 2/19/99 Horn For Sale:I have a Dan Rauch horn (Geyer wrap) for sale that is in excellent condition. It has been screw-bell converted and I have a M.B. bag to go along with the original fixed-bell case. It has mechanical linkages for the chromatic valves, and a strung, adjustable thumb key.
$5400, OBO. Questions/inquiries to: mike deHilster.

mike deHilster mike@dehilster.com

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Posted 2/24/99   Horn for Sale: ConnSchmidt in very good shape, all original parts. Good compression on valves, and some on the piston. More info available upon request. Price  $2200 or best offer.

Tom Hunt  Sonducor@aol.com

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Posted: 2/23/99  Horn For Sale: Conn 900,000 series If anyone is interested, I have a wonderful Conn 8D, 900,000 series for sale. It's nickel-silver, and has a fixed-bell. It's a very big horn, and has a great low register. The valves are pretty tight. It's got a full sound all around, and has been played professionally for years. I'm asking $3300.00 for it, and I think it's really worth it. Write me personally if you're interested in trying it out. Iffet D. Cochran, Fourth Horn, The Richmond Symphony.

I also have a Holton 179 for sale. It's nickel-silver with a fixed bell. It's only 3 years old, and has a nice sound. It would be great for an
amateur or student. I'm asking $1600.00 for this one.

Iffet Cochran  iffeta@erols.com

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Posted: 2/20/99   Horn For Sale: Holton 'Tuckwell' model. About 10 years old, good condition, a few minor dings and normal ware and tear in the brass lacquer. Valves are a little noisy. This individual clone is a little brighter than other Tuckwells...in sound that is, not intellect. Asking $2,000.00 U.S.  Please contact Bob Dickow, Associate Professor of Horn/Theory/Composition, Lionel Hampton School of Music/Univ of Idaho

Bob Dickow  dickow@uidaho.edu

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Posted: 2/24/99 Horn For Sale:   Paxman 25-L (large, standard double, non-lacquered, cut bell, dual bore) approx. 7 years old--I bought it from Randy Harrison/Brass Arts Unlimited 2 years ago. Asking $4500.00. Please E-mail me directly.

Tom Varner   tom@tomvarnermusic.com

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Posted 3/6/99   Horn For Sale: Conn 8d. Purchased new in 1997. Nickel silver with detachable bell. Selling as package deal. Includes hard case, gig bag, foldable hard case, mutes, and Yamaha elec.mute. Asking $3100- for all. Any reasonable offer considered. Thank you, John.

John    Hof1976@aol.com

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